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I decided, that I’ll start to cook more from czech cuisine. And I’d like to cook only with food from The Czech Republic. So, in this part of my website you won’t see any vanilla, chocolate or some types of spice. As a first recipe in this part of website I prepared „kremrole“. Kremrole is… Read More kremrole

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Chopped Beef

When you’re preparing chopped beef and any other meat you want to tear, the most important thing is to have enough time. What is also important is long baking at a low temperature. You don’t have to worry that the meat will be dry, because at the end you will tear it up with and… Read More Chopped Beef

main meals

Sweet&Sour Chicken

There’s so many ways how to prepare Sweet&Sour Chicken. So I decided for a bit different way how to prepare it. For example instead of sugar I used black treacle, for a nice brown colour as well. Also chicken can be prepared more ways. If you like it crispy, follow my recipe. But, if you… Read More Sweet&Sour Chicken


how to make indian Naan

Naan is typical bread in India. They bake it with very high temperature. Usually they eat it like side dish. Because Naan is made of yeast, eat it first day and don’t  store it…   15 pieces 1 hour 20g of yeast 100ml of water 300g of white yoghurt 50 g of rendered butter 500g… Read More how to make indian Naan



Marshmallow can be roasted on fire, you can decorate a cake with that, or you can melt it and make your own recipes. However, basis of these options doesn‘t have to be marshmallow from store. Homemade marshmallows are very simple to prepare. And because it’s made only from sugar, so cleaning is very simple too.… Read More marshmallow

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Baklava is one of the sweetiest desserts I know. You prepare layers of puff pastry and nut filling. Than you bake it and you put everything into some sweet sugar syrup. In original recipe, you have three big layers of batter. But for easier consuming you can roll it and make only one portion. This… Read More baklava


puff pastry

1 hour 30 minutes For 1 pie   3 cups plain flour 100g butter 1 cup of water Teaspoon salt and sugar   200g cold butter   1. Mix the flour with butter and then add water with dissolved salt. Make smooth dough. (I think it’s better to use kitchen robot, but it isn’t necessary.… Read More puff pastry